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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

British art-collection

Wonderful Donna made for me this lovely art-collection. I held it specially for release of new Brit Madness series. Enjoy! :)
Thank you so very much, dear Donna! 

Madness returns!

Sorry it took so long, guys...

Pictures aren't showing? It's temporary!

Due to the growing popularity of my sites, the bandwidth of Photobucket's account, which I'm using for picture storage, was exceeded. So pictures aren't showing. Do not worry, please, they will be up again from Feb 15th. Sorry for inconvenience...

Friday, February 7, 2014

Butterfly of approaching spring

Guys, I have an exciting news for you - the spring is coming soon! ;-D I hope you enjoy this simple and obvious fact and a big bunch of new finds from yard sales and flea markets:

Friday, January 3, 2014

Can't resist...

...to share (and to brag of course, LOL!) a couple of lovely gifts, which lifted up my mood a lot!

Even more beautiful add-ons to Hipster set by amazing Scorpiokid:

And most delicious gothic cupcakes by lovely socrstchik @ SirenShadowSims:
Thank you both very much!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


It seems I've been a good gurl all this year! *blush* Today I received two more wonderful Christmas presents. Happy to share them with you all:
My heartfelt thanks to generous and talented Santas - Viv and Scorpiokid! Guys, you are simply amazing! 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Lofty Chic

Not that I love hipsters this much - they're rather funny IMO, but they definitely have a style :-D And this TS3 Store set captures it perfectly:

Island Paradise Spa Add-on

Wonderful Madoria made for me this lovely Christmas present - a door to match my recent "Island Paradise Spa" set:
Thank you very much, dear Susanne!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Keep Calm And Rock On!

Today my daughter having a Birthday and allowed to share with you one of the gifts - sweets and toys she left for herself, sorry ;)

Monday, December 16, 2013

My files from other sites-3

Recently I receive a lot of questions regarding availability of some of my creations. Here is the navigation map to everything, what was made since March 2012 outside of my two main sites - gifts, requests, events...

Previous parts are here:
My files from other sites (2009 - Oct 2011)
My files from other sites-2 (Oct 2011 - March 2012)
(both may contain some outdated links and currently I'm working on fixing them)

Surround Sound recolor set - recolor of my gift to Ludi @ Sims of The World, made by request. Available at CTO Sims (requires registration)

Old Gas Cooker - cheer-up gift to Susanne @ Madoria's World. Available at her site > Special > Gifts recieved

Chromium Bathroom - gift to Ingriddav. Available at CTO Sims (requires registration)

"Night Work" Hotel lobby set - housewarming gift to Hypnotiq @ Hypnotiq's Boutique. Available there at the Gifts section.

Summer Day Dining - gift to Ingriddav on her Birthday at 2012. Available at CTO Sims (requires registration)

Simple Bathroom: Clean & Grunge version - gift to SpaceCadet on her Birthday at 2012. Available at her site - SpaceCadets Sims > Gifts > Gifts received

"Shabby Peacock" Study - gift for 2012 Advent Calendar @ CTO Sims (requires registration)

"Modern Asia" Living room - Birthday gift to my Muse - Spacemoth, at 2013. Since this gift was given almost year ago and Wendy does not have a site (at least to my knowing) - it will be available here from now

"Rylee" Dining room - gift to Ludi @ Sims of The World on her 2013 Birthday. Specials > Gifts to me > Pg.5

"Industrial Revolution" Study - gift to Madame Rosa on her Birthday at 2013. Available at her YG

Pharaonesse's Study - Birthday 2013 gift to Simtonic @ BoudoirBlanc. Available there at "Gifts Received" section

City Revised - I was honored to simmify this wonderful RL drawing of talented Skye @ Skye's Sims. Done by request and available at his site > "Objects" section

Rosa's Goodies - set of steampunkish odds and ends, simmified from original 3D models and renders of Madame Rosa @ Rosa’s Renders YG. Done by friend's request and finished right to her Birthday. Available at CTO Sims (requires registracion)

Framed Prints - made by request at CTO Sims (requires registration)

"Hot In Winter" Living room - gift for 2013 Advent Calendar @ CTO Sims (requires registration)

And the latest so far is the Christmas gift for N99. To not spoil the surprize for everyone preview picture will remain hidden under the link until Dec, 25th. If you are too curious - picture is HERE. And a direct link to DL is available at N99 in this thread.