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Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Birthday Gifts

I am very lucky to have such talented and generous friends, who are spoiling me a lot! :-D Look, what they've made for me this year!!!

Loveliest ever "Rose" party set by incredible Simtonic from Boudoir Blanc. Just look at this lamp, made of tiny roses, floating in the air! Awesome work, my friend! Thank you so much!

My dear Ludi from Sims of The World, who knows well my passion to "Devil May Cry" series, made for me a Trish from "DMC 4". She is such a beauty! Thank you for wonderful gift, Ludi! 

Ethereal Beauty

This is not a 3-tiled object as TS2 original was. You have 9 single pieces to mix-n-match. Enjoy! :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

London Taxi and Bus

I'm very happy and proud to share with you a wonderful gift by my friend SpaceCadet. I wanted both these vehicles for a very long time and she's generously made them for me.
Thank you, dear, for making one more of my sims-dreams complete! 
Taxi is driveable and a bus is deco-only.

Brit Madness # 1

No one is allowed to disturb you, while you are having cup of tea with a Queen. There is only one rule: "Keep calm and fake a British accent"!

Tea set is a mood-booster, which goes anywhere from floor to shelves. Based on Maxis tea set from Makin' Magic EP. Flag and floor sign are slightly oversized, so don't put them into the corners. And a last, but not least - the sideboard is my first ever two-tiled object and it's very far from perfect. Hopefully I'll make something better next time ;)