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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Color splash

Let's add some color into your Sims' homes with new finds from flea market ;)
The dresser is a new base, made from Turbo's 1-tiled dresser. Now it's 2-tiled and have slots for decorating (5 for each tile). TV is functional, though, as most of my TVs, it have only 4 basic channels. Candles are deco-only.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Stay Warm!

Today Clutter Factory is celebrating a perfect round milestone - 100,000 visitors! Here is a little "thank you" gift for all of you, who come here. Stay warm, my friends, cause the winter is coming!

Special thanks to Mari @ Paisley Avenue for generous permission to convert her wonderful objects.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Keep calm and call Sherlock

A special edition of Brit Madness, dedicated to one of the best ever TV-series - "Sherlock" (BBC). Here you have some significant items from sitting room on Baker Street 221b. Will be continued someday...

The fireplace is... a normal working fireplace, though the fire isn't animated. And you can place up to 4 objects on its mantle.

Attention! I'm pretty aware of the fact, that these objects are _not_ an exact replicas of what can be seen in the show. So any comments on this matter will be not very welcomed. I did my best to recreate them for The Sims as close as my abilities allow and it took me 2,5 years to complete.

I would be happy to give a proper credits to the author (or authors) of fireplace and skull 3D-models, but as I've started this set so long ago, now I can't find any heads and tails. So if you know, who's made them or they're yours - please, let me know.