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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Long story of one bathroom

Long time ago wonderful TS1 creator Agro has made a conversion of "Lumeo Bathroom" by Murano. But, he didn't converted the whole set and for many years I desperately wanted the rest of items. I'd even say, that because of this I started to create TS1 objects at all. When a couple years ago I asked Murano for permission to convert his luxurious objects, I overestimated my creating skills and only now feel ready (somewhat) to finish the complete set:

Conversion of this set wouldn't be possible without good bases by our wonderful The Sims 1 community creators: Sandy (ATS), B.B.B.(Stone Age Sims), Poetica (Poetica Place YGs), Turbo and at last, but NOT LEAST! - multi-talented Space Cadet, who created on my request a base for 2-tiled functional shower! Thank you all very much! 

So, you have here:
2-tiled functional mirror (base - Stone Age Sims, made backless);
2-tiled functional shower (base - SpaceCadet). Sorry, guys, the Zs are wrong, when shower is in use (but at least it doesn't bleed through walls! LOL!) and animations aren't customized to its actual design, but I did my best onto this moment;
five deco wall-hangings - towels and toilet paper (base is a combo of ATS & Poetica's paintings, made by me - now they can share the same tile of the wall with other objects and still require wall support);
two paintings (base - Maxis);
two one tiled dressers (base - Turbo, modified - Sims can dress into PJs from them);
two walls - actually there were three in the set, but I wasn't able to convert 3rd wall without the quality loss;
set of 4 composite cork floors.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Sims 3 Apartments Stuff

Finally I've learned, how to properly extract TS3 materials (Thanks, Alan!), so lots of new conversions are coming. Small update for today: