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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Sims 3 Apartments Stuff

Finally I've learned, how to properly extract TS3 materials (Thanks, Alan!), so lots of new conversions are coming. Small update for today:


Unknown said...

Hey, Olena--love your clutter!! Now that Mediafire & my browser are on speaking terms--I had to grab up all the goodies!!! Thank you. Hugs, Ron

olena said...

Thank you and welcome, dear Ron! (((Hugs back at ya')))

ForensicaFrump said...

A member of our family who is in college in Kentucky says you have almost perfectly matched the multi storied dorm room trash and mail facilities they use. She says thank you for making the trash self cleaning, her Sims tend to be weak in that area! Thank you for sharing with us.
The Frumps

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