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Monday, April 29, 2013

His garage - his rules! ;)

To celebrate a 2 years since foundation Clutter Factory starts a new line of Sim's goods - "Man's World":

Will be continued, as only now I'm realizing, how much of neat "manly" stuff I have in my Sims 2 & 3 folders: tools, trophies, weapons, geeky toys, posters and so on...


Unknown said...

I missed this! Love this set, it's just what my male Simmies need! :D

olena said...

Thank you Ludi-luv! :-*

ForensicaFrump said...

Thank you so much we love adding this to our SpaceCadet Car Lots and Garages. We are looking forward to more. Thank you for sharing with us!
The Frumps aka ForensicaFrump

Unknown said...

Thanks, my garage will be much cool.

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