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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Burst of color

Each color mural has 10 pieces – five for the 1st and five for the 2nd floor. Yes, I went a bit overboard, but wasn't able to stop... Not a conversion this time, as it was inspired by a photo I stumbled upon recently.

My first take on Midcentury Modern

This is what the request of single sofa turned into, lol... Two sets of 8 objects each. The first one "Sage-brush, honey & lime" is a gift for WatersimYMD (Look under Sims > Objects > More Objects and in her YG). And here is a second color option set:

Be careful with floor lamp and chair placement – both are oversized, so they bleed through walls.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Flower Heads

Actually I'm not so much a girly girl, but I love fashion. And illustrations. And Sims. So here's all three, combined into new OCF series – fashion illustrators works, as Sims 1 paintings. More to come! ;)

Yes, some works of this author were simmified previously, but they are nowhere to find these days, so I made my version in slightly different size and shape. And I think, they're perfect match to recent B.A.L.M. bedroom set.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Study in cool tones

Another part of "Shabby Office" series. This time I converted almost whole Jope's Office 6 from Simply Styling. I skipped some bits and pieces (books and mags) and will release them soon as separate update.

What's here worth mentioning: book (readable, can be placed anywhere and you can place stuff on it, just be careful – it's a bit wonky and not everything will look good); sideboard (a normal bookcase with 2 slots for decorating); fireplace is a floor lamp actually (it have off/on states, but not animated); candles are not animated as well, they go on every surface and floor.

Friday, June 24, 2016

My files from other sites-4

Not an actual update, sorry, still working on a new one. Just another list of my creations outside this blog. You can find previous parts under "gifts by me" label. Here's all gifts/requests/prizes I could remember about, which were made in last 2,5 years.

Steampunk Bathroom, made on request for my lovely Vivums @ Vivacious Sims
Get it at Vivavious Sims under Gifts section.

A Birthday-2013 gift to wonderful Yamirose @ Mirrored Sims. She has shared it at CTO.

Couple of things, done on requests of my friends @ CTO. I don't know, where are they available now, so sharing 'em here:

1) sofa for Socrstchik @ Siren Shadow Sims. TS2 mesh and texture by Nazariopilar @ ModTheSims. Recolored by me.

2) a TV from the same set by Nazariopilar @ ModTheSims I've converted for Coffeeblonde. TV is working, though contains only 4 basic channels.

I posted my first experiment with edible food somewhere @ CTO. It seems to be lost now, so you can get some KFC chicken for your Sims right here

A cheer-up giftie to my beloved Martha @ Boudoir Blanc
It's a 1-tiled dresser actually. Get it at Boudoir Blanc under "Gifts received" section.

Once again a request over CTO forum. You can find it there under CTO Member Creations > New objects & sets > Electronics

Prize for contest @ CTO. Download there under CTO Member Creations > Contest files > Objects & Sets

–°TO once again. Member Creations > Advent Calendar Gifts > 2014 Santa's Grab Bag

Garlands glow in the dark, but do not cast an actual light. Use them together with any invisible lamp if needed.

Birthday gift-2015 for my dear friend Martha @ Boudoir Blanc. Look under "Gifts received" section
A table-game is playable. Candles are constantly lit. Coffeetable is a seat/surface combo.

Birthday gift-2015 for a very special lady and my friend as well Genietwo @ N99 forum. It can be requested in this thread under Sims 1 POBS section of the forum. If you're not a member already, you have to register first and wait for approval. 
Bed is deco-only! But other things are usable (dresser/surface, bench, which is  a seat/surface, lamp and wall candles).

Birthday gift-2015 to my adorable Muse - Ingriddav @ Ingrid Studio.
Clio v1.0 was made back in 2009 and as my first ever conversion – very poorly done (I even wronged the lamp rotations, lol!). It was shared only privately. So you can get an improved (and expanded) Clio v2.0 at Ingrid Studio under Gifts section.

A special gift for N99 forum members – "Happy Cooking", set of working appliances (except red box, which is just deco). And, if you have Makin' Magic EP, your Sims can actually bake bread and cakes in a bread maker. Direct link to DL is in this thread under Sims 1 POBS section of the forum
Being in hurry I forgot to put a credit for one of the items (kitchen scale) on a preview pic. Mesh and texture of TS2 original are from Babbyebe Sims (though this info is included into the read_me file and in-game description).

A "thank you" gift for amazing Raeven @ Secret Society of Woobsha
Raeven kindly shared this machine at her site. Look under "Gifts" section. I forgot to include a usual read_me file, but hopefully the pic is descriptive enough – yes, your Sims can actually have an ice cream at their homes now.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

B.aby A.ngel L.ove M.usic

Oops, I did it again... A modern bedroom, I mean :-D

Actually on this particular one I was working since 2011. Some pieces of the set were released separately back then (a bag, end table, mannequin and wall stencil). Last year or so I was slowly working on its furniture part and finally – my work is done!

Bed is deco-only once again (yes, after all these years I still can't make proper beds, lol!). A big dresser and bean bag chair are deco too. But... Your Sims will find a lot to do with this set anyway. Books are readable, room divider is a dresser actually, bottle with sunglasses – a mood-booster, mirror and TV are usable too, as well as lamp, loveseat and a table with letters. A special thing is a breakfast tray, which was gracefully hacked by Raeven from SSoW. Sims can sit around it on the floor and not just have fun and socialize, but also satisfy their hunger to some extent.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Backyard's little secrets

What you're hiding in the backyard? Old shabby furniture? Drying undies?

May your Sims have something to hide as well... ;) 

We all live in a yellow submarine

Here's some more Brit themed madness for your Sims! ;)

Nothing special this time actually – chair is just a chair, lamp is a lamp etc, Food is deco-only.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The spring has come!

Now that spring has come again, sun and warmth will follow soon! Meanwhile, please, enjoy another random selection of flea market goods: