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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Study in cool tones

Another part of "Shabby Office" series. This time I converted almost whole Jope's Office 6 from Simply Styling. I skipped some bits and pieces (books and mags) and will release them soon as separate update.

What's here worth mentioning: book (readable, can be placed anywhere and you can place stuff on it, just be careful – it's a bit wonky and not everything will look good); sideboard (a normal bookcase with 2 slots for decorating); fireplace is a floor lamp actually (it have off/on states, but not animated); candles are not animated as well, they go on every surface and floor.


Sandy's Little Town said...

Just so beautiful!! Thanks very much!!

olena said...

Thank you, dear Sandy! It's so nice of you to leave comments! :-*

Bits of Everything said...


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