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Sunday, June 19, 2016

B.aby A.ngel L.ove M.usic

Oops, I did it again... A modern bedroom, I mean :-D

Actually on this particular one I was working since 2011. Some pieces of the set were released separately back then (a bag, end table, mannequin and wall stencil). Last year or so I was slowly working on its furniture part and finally – my work is done!

Bed is deco-only once again (yes, after all these years I still can't make proper beds, lol!). A big dresser and bean bag chair are deco too. But... Your Sims will find a lot to do with this set anyway. Books are readable, room divider is a dresser actually, bottle with sunglasses – a mood-booster, mirror and TV are usable too, as well as lamp, loveseat and a table with letters. A special thing is a breakfast tray, which was gracefully hacked by Raeven from SSoW. Sims can sit around it on the floor and not just have fun and socialize, but also satisfy their hunger to some extent.


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH. Thank you! very very very much for all the sims objects. I love you!!!!! <3 <3 I am so ecstatic right now! Thank you!!!!

olena said...

Thank you! Your lovely comment significantly improved my mood! <3

Sandy's Little Town said...

This is a wonderful set-thank you Olena!

olena said...

Thank you, Sandy! :)

Denimg8 said...

Amazing!, Thanks

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