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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Backyard's little secrets

What you're hiding in the backyard? Old shabby furniture? Drying undies?

May your Sims have something to hide as well... ;) 


Rose said...

Thank you for your hard work! I was hoping to find at least a little updated sims 1 items, because tbh I can't afford newer versions so is a newer laptop to play those new ones. But hey! to my surprise of digging through links, I came across your site. :')

I did found a very updated one, with fresh looking items. My sims won't look poor anymore. ^_^ Plus those vampire items, sooo epic. I just can't breath out of excitement, lol! but I really do have a mild asthma. :D

Anyway, I hope you are in good health, more blessings to come! Consider me your number one fan from the Philippines. Again, thank you! Because I've been looking for years already (and I don't know why I didn't found your site sooner, but it is so worth it) and I almost gave up, seeing no one makes things for the sims anymore, I even tried begging some known sites ^~^ but sadly they only make for 3 & 4.

I just wanted you to know how grateful I am, this maybe really long, but I really want to express everything. ^_^ THANK YOU!

olena said...

Nice to meet you, Rose! Thank you for your kind words - I'm very delighted to know, that my work is appreciated!

BTW, do you already know about
"Boudoir Blanc" - http://www.boudoirblanc.com
"SpaceCadetSims" - http://spacecadetssims.weebly.com
"Ingrid Studio" - http://ingridstudio.weebly.com ?
Those are also active and quite frequently updated sites with amazing items for Sims 1.

And also there is a CTO forum - active, populated and creative TS1 community with big collection of files from long gone sites - http://ctosims.com

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