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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Color splash

Let's add some color into your Sims' homes with new finds from flea market ;)
The dresser is a new base, made from Turbo's 1-tiled dresser. Now it's 2-tiled and have slots for decorating (5 for each tile). TV is functional, though, as most of my TVs, it have only 4 basic channels. Candles are deco-only.


Unknown said...

Oh, I adore the Flea market find's! Thank you.

MichaeL said...

I needed some color just now.
Thank you!!

olena said...

Thank you both for lovely comments, my dears! Glad you like! :-*

ginko said...

Thank you for always nice object. Sofa is very cute.
Just me of recently started, among lost site of a closed or update is large, is still alive and well, it can not be you and even grateful for that cooks a new one.
Thanks so much.

olena said...

Thank you and welcome, Ginko! :)

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