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Saturday, October 8, 2011

My files from other sites

Not really an update, just kinda compilation of the files, made by me, which are scattered through another sites - forum gifts, presents for friends, participation entries for some events and files, made by request.

Framed 20's "Vogue" Covers - Neighborhood 99 forum, where you can post a request and the file will be sent to you by mail (requires registration)

Modern Shabby Chic Add-on - a gift to Lilac Sims forum. Since the forum is gone the file is available here.

Art Nouveau Living - Boudoir Blanc > Gifts > Gifts received

Orange Mood Recolors Set - CTO Sims (requires registration) > Recolors

Xmas 2010CTO Sims (requires registration) > Advent Calendar Gifts 2010 Advent Calendar Gifts

Chrome SpotlightsCTO Sims (requires registration) > New Objects & Sets > Lighting

Helmut Newton's Sumo BookCTO Sims (requires registration) > New Objects & Sets Deco

Fogerton Reading NookCTO Sims (requires registration) > New Objects & Sets Study - Office

Around The Sink ClutterCTO Sims (requires registration) > New Objects & Sets > Kitchen and Dining

Disco Challenge Entry. Part 1CTO Sims (requires registration) > Contest Files > Objects & Sets

Birthday gift for MichaeL - at CTO Sims (requires registration) > New Objects & Sets > Living Room

Eyewear Advertising PostersCTO Sims (requires registration) > New Objects & Sets > Paintings

Autumn Coats CTO Sims (requires registration) > New Objects & Sets > Deco

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rodriguez said...

Hi! Please, could you upload the ''Modern Shabby Chic Add-on'' on your blog? Because Lilac Sims is not working anymore :(

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