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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

«Hotel Des Fleurs»

I have too much of beautiful garden objects for TS2 and want to convert them to TS1 as many as possible... Today I also included one of my ever favorites - "Spilled Milk" flower bed by wonderful Tinkle from BlackPearlSims (closed). Enjoy! :)

Chair, as pre-cluttered, is deco-only. Normal version will came with the next part of series. Now about hanging flowers... They are 3-in-1 objects - you can place each of them at 3 different heights. And as you see, they do not need wall support, so you can put them on fake walls, fences, square columns etc. Base by Raeven @ Secret Society of Woobsha, modified by me.

[upd]: Folks, I'm sorry, but in hurry I forgot to mention, that those hanging pots and lantern may spoil the view of your lot on a Neighborhood map, if you do care of such a thing. Personally I'm not, but if you want them to be fixed for this - let me know. If there will be more than ONE request - I'll re-make these items.


simtonic said...

How could I miss this update?
Thank you thousand times! I hope your Shabby Garden will have 150 parts more!


olena said...

Thank you and welcome, my sweetness! So glad you like! :*
I suppose, that with such quantity of beautiful Sims 2 garden objects this series will have a lot more parts :p

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