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Sunday, August 11, 2013

My first kitchen conversion!

Happy and proud to introduce my first ever accomplished kitchen conversion. I tried to make a kitchen many times, but all my attempts had no success so far. With this one I'm pretty satisfied, though it's not a pure perfection and I hope you'll forgive for the first time, that counters are not seamless and don't make corners (they are still tricky for me).

Some sidenotes: Each counter have 5 slots for placing objects. Big appliances are semi-working - functional, but not animated. The bar chair actually is a surface (end table). Air pump does nothing - just beautifully hangs in the air (no wall support needed). In original set was another stove top, which wasn't convertable without quality loss, so I had to make my own, and I think it matches the set just fine. The same about painting - the walls felt empty without it :-D


Anonymous said...

Awesome. I love your clutters. This kitchen looks very neat.

olena said...

Thank you! :)

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