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Monday, December 16, 2013

My files from other sites-3

Recently I receive a lot of questions regarding availability of some of my creations. Here is the navigation map to everything, what was made since March 2012 outside of my two main sites - gifts, requests, events...

Previous parts are here:
My files from other sites (2009 - Oct 2011)
My files from other sites-2 (Oct 2011 - March 2012)
(both may contain some outdated links and currently I'm working on fixing them)

Surround Sound recolor set - recolor of my gift to Ludi @ Sims of The World, made by request. Available at CTO Sims (requires registration)

Old Gas Cooker - cheer-up gift to Susanne @ Madoria's World. Available at her site > Special > Gifts recieved

Chromium Bathroom - gift to Ingriddav. Available at CTO Sims (requires registration)

"Night Work" Hotel lobby set - housewarming gift to Hypnotiq @ Hypnotiq's Boutique. Available there at the Gifts section.

Summer Day Dining - gift to Ingriddav on her Birthday at 2012. Available at CTO Sims (requires registration)

Simple Bathroom: Clean & Grunge version - gift to SpaceCadet on her Birthday at 2012. Available at her site - SpaceCadets Sims > Gifts > Gifts received

"Shabby Peacock" Study - gift for 2012 Advent Calendar @ CTO Sims (requires registration)

"Modern Asia" Living room - Birthday gift to my Muse - Spacemoth, at 2013. Since this gift was given almost year ago and Wendy does not have a site (at least to my knowing) - it will be available here from now:

"Rylee" Dining room - gift to Ludi @ Sims of The World on her 2013 Birthday. Specials > Gifts to me > Pg.5

"Industrial Revolution" Study - gift to Madame Rosa on her Birthday at 2013. Available at her YG

Pharaonesse's Study - Birthday 2013 gift to Simtonic @ BoudoirBlanc. Available there at "Gifts Received" section

City Revised - I was honored to simmify this wonderful RL drawing of talented Skye @ Skye's Sims. Done by request and available at his site > "Objects" section. 

Rosa's Goodies - set of steampunkish odds and ends, simmified from original 3D models and renders of Madame Rosa @ Rosa’s Renders YG. Done by friend's request and finished right to her Birthday. Available at CTO Sims (requires registracion)

Framed Prints - made by request at CTO Sims (requires registration)

"Hot In Winter" Living room - gift for 2013 Advent Calendar @ CTO Sims (requires registration)

And the latest so far is the Christmas gift for N99. A direct link to DL is available in this thread.

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Anonymous said...

Hello! Could you upload the Belize set if possible? The website and forum link seem to be down, or no longer work. Thanks! Also your work is amazing I *cough* may have gone on a downloading spree hehe.

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